A Special Little Offer For Corby

As I heard a frustrated shout, then a shout for help, I knew immediatly, that it was Corby. I gulped. I began to run the flights of steps. "I'm coming, hun!" I shouted up. I stopped, and went into a study. Corby was trying to pull Elric up.

"Oh Goddess, not another cry for help! I'm rather sick of pain and sadness in this house!" I cried. I Helped Corby pull Elric off the chair, and we sat on the floor. Corby pulled Elric close to herself, her hair tickling his face. A little tear fell onto his cheek from hers. I looked at her. She was in love, I could feel it. Then, I remembered something. When Jason had got away, he had dropped that vial. I opened the little vial, and peered inside. A few drops of liquid was inside.

I sighed. I handed it to Corby. She sniffed it. She tipped a bit into her own mouth. Her eyes brightened, her cheeks rosy. "An antidote!" she whispered. She tried to put some down Elric's throat, but it would not go in. My mind clicked.

"Corby...? Remember how I healed one of the people? I had to force it down their throat?" I whispered. Corby looked up at me. She seemed slightly worried. She bit her bottom lip. She tipped a little into her mouth, and pushed her own lips against him. She pulled away after a moment. Elric breathed out deeply. I smiled at Corby. She was strong, and her heart was pure.

"Corby?" I asked softly. She looked up at me, with a small smile on her face. She pushed her hair back. "I...have a little offer for you. Would you like to be a Fire Princess? You would be able to use fire like I do, transform into different animals, heal a little. You would be my apprentice. This is only if you want it." I looked at her with a smile.

She gave a little laugh. "Well, that's a special offer then, isn't it? Sure nothing is half price or 50% off for a limited time only?" she asked, stiffling laughter. I laughed softly.

"It's a special little offer indeed." I whispered to myself.


The End

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