When Am I Going to Die Already?!

After yelling at Elric, Corby imidietly regretted it. Why did I do that?! She thought angrily, slapping her palm against her head. She stood outside the door, then slid down it and sat on the floor.

Because you're stupid and reckless. Her author replied.

Well done, she hissed sarcasticly. Corby coughed, Elric would know she was outside the door now. This ill thing is horrible. When am I going to die already?!

You want to die? her author asked, shocked.

I think If I die I won't be in pain any more.

But others would. He sighed.

So, Corby reached her hand up onto the door knob and turned it, the door clicked open slowly to see Elric lying unconcious at the desk.

"Elric?! Someone HELP!"

The End

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