Losing Battle

Elric had barely been in the room a minute before his temperature began to rise. His eyes blurred, the half page of careful notes he had laid out were now completely unreadable. The nausea was returning with a vengeance, but he wouldn't let it win. He had to find a cure. He had to save them all.

He'd already figured out how Corby got sick. She hit her head, and laid her opened wound on the same couch that Nathan had been set after his gunshot wound. Something that still made his stomach churn with guilt. He was the genius. Why hadn't he thought about that? It only made the nausea worsen.

He'd gotten sick once she kissed him, and though some may have felt resentment for that, he didn't. For one reason or another, he knew that even if he wasn't trying to save himself and it was only Corby that was sick, he'd still be fighting just as hard.

He was about to resort to just trying to keep all the calculations in his head when there was a knock at the door. Instantly, three answers flickered from his mind into nothingness.

"Is someone dead? Otherwise you can go." he sighed, trying to keep his composure. He attempted to make out who it was, but his vision was just too blurry to focus.

"No-ones dead." came Corby's voice. Again he tried to focus, but still she was hardly recognizable. Another wave of nausea came, and he could feel the sweat on his forehead. I can't let her see me like this.

"Do you want to let me work then? To keep you alive?" he said with as much venom as he could. Please, leave. Before I throw up. I want you to at least have hope. Hope that you'll survive. It's all I can give right now.

"What's wrong with you Elric?! What has something done to you! You're different! I don't like different!" Corby shouted, standing right up in front of his face.

Please, leave. Don't make me show you the state I'm in. "Who do you think you are, talking to me like that?!" he shouted right back. He didn't need his vision to tell the sting she must have felt.

"I'm Corby Dreamer! But you on the other hand are something else!"

"Well what exactly do you want from me Corby?!" he shouted. But not because he was hoping it would make her leave, but out of genuine want. He was so confused. From the time he'd first arrived, Corby had been confusing him. She'd stare at him, then ignore him. She'd smile and turn away. She'd kissed him then left him out in the rain. What was he supposed to think?

"I want! ....I want!" Her voice was like a punch in the stomach. It made his heart want to stop. I'm so sorry. Forgive me.

"The old Elric. The one that-" He subtly put a hand on the desk as his vision grayed around the edges. He didn't have long. " doesn't demand for things and treat everyone like slaves! So I suggest whatever this little monster is stuck in your stomach, you poo it out, and start living again."

The door slammed in front of him, leaving a distinct hollow feeling in his gut. He lowered himself into his chair, his legs beginning to shake. He knew once he passed out, he'd wake up again fine. Corby had, twice. And even if he wasn't some special dimensional traveler, he felt sure he'd at least make it out once.

But as with any person facing this uncertainty, he had his doubts. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his sleeve and looked for a clean piece of paper. With a shaking hand he picked up the old fashioned pen and wrote out "I'm sorry Co", after which the pen slipped putting a long slash over the rest of the page.

He folded it in fourths and blindly stuck it into his pocket. Just in case. It was then, back bathed in the light of the full moon with a pen in his hand, that he gave up on his losing battle and fell limp onto the desk.

The End

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