Little Monster In Your Stomach

Corby lifted her head dizzily to look at Elric who was stomping up the stairs in a posh manor. She shook her head and got up off of Flamara's lap, Leigh held her hand back.

"You need to stay here. You're ill." Leigh whispered to her.

"But I also need to go." she replied.

"Need to go where?"

"I need to go to the bathroom..." she said in a very low, hushed tone. A very small white lie.

"Go on then, be quick," and with that, Corby slumped up the stairs in agony, following Elric who had no idea she was there. When he walked into a room with a black door, she hesitated. She didn't like dark things very much any more, not after-

Breathing in, she walked up to the door and silently opened it a crack, to see Elric writing at a desk. "Is someone dead? Otherwise you can go." he sighed, not knowing it was Corby.

"No-ones dead." she smiled and he turned to look at Corby, standing up.

"Do you want to let me work then? To keep you alive?" he asked rudely and harshly.

"What's wrong with you Elric?! What has something done to you! You're different! I don't like different!" Corby boomed, stretching on her toes to get to his face level.

"Who do you think you are, talking to me like that?!" he yelled.

"I'm Corby Dreamer! But you on the other hand are something else!"

"Well what exactly do you want from me Corby?!" he shouted, she had only just noticed that she was in the room and his hand was on the closed door.

"I want! ....I want!" she hesitated, "the old Elric. The one that doesn't demand for things and treat everyone like slaves! So I suggest whatever this little monster is stuck in your stomach, you poo it out, and start living again." she hissed, opening the door and slamming it fiercly behind her.

The End

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