Proving His Worth

One thing Elric understood very well was that everyone had a limit for everything. They all varied from person to person, but they existed none the less. Some people couldn't stand things too sweat. Some not too hot or cold. Some, like him, couldn't stand blood.And Elric had just reached his limit of blood and shock for one day.

Oh god, I think I'm gonna...

With a speed he didn't know his lanky limbs were capable of, he found himself sick outside. He didn't pause to realize that the door had opened for him, he didn't notice the cold biting into his flesh, he didn't realize the rain was beating on his back and plastering his hair to his face. He wasn't thinking, or worrying, or even really paying attention to the world around him. His mind just shut down, leaving his hollow shell to vomit in the freezing rain.

At some point, five seconds or five hours later he didn't know, he blinked his eyes and the world was real again. He was on his hands and knees in the mud, his stomach felt like he'd been kicked repeatedly by a mule, and his teeth were chattering so hard his jaw hurt.

He stood shakily, the rain only smearing the mud further. Though while he looked pale and shaken from the outside, on the inside was the focused machine that had entered the hideout only a day ago. He'd just needed a sort of reboot. Something to purge his system of every fear and anxiety of the last however many hours.

He was shaking, but it was finally something other than nerves. His mind was alive again. His eyes had gotten their spark back. But the most noticeable difference was the stress in his jaw was gone.

This wasn't the boy who would hide in the closet as his friends fought for their lives. This was the boy who'd been the mastermind behind countless world class heists, stayed in the finest motels and gave orders that no one dared disobey.

He wiped his mouth and reentered the house. His eyes scanned the living room in a new analytical way. He took a headcount first. Nathan still lay behind the sofa, no one had bothered to move him it seemed. Maybe this 'family' isn't as tight as they seem to be with everyone.

Undoubtedly though, when he saw Leigh and Flamara with Corby, he knew that they at least shared a bond. That she would be safe with them. However, even they couldn't help her with the virus. No, he thought. But maybe I can.

"I'm going upstairs." he announced. "I'm certain no one will need me as I'm fairly useless in most of the situations that have thus arisen." He stopped briefly three steps up to fix a gaze over them all. "But please, if someone isn't in trouble, don't disturb me."

The light of the window to guide him, he made his way to the end of the hall and into a room with a lock. I'd say I have about three hours before Corby suffers permanent damage or I start showing symptoms myself. Time to prove to these people what I'm capable of.

The End

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