Like It Was Alone

Corby shook and whimpered in Zjarr's arms. "That seemed as if it was sad, like..." Corby shook her head.

"Like what?" Leigh walked over and asked, bending down to her level like always.

"Like it was alone." Corby pushed the words out of her mouth.

"Maybe, do you think we could speak to it?" Seleantus asked, his arm wrapped around Leigh's shoulder. She rolled her eyes and stared down at Corby.

"Well, I just hope it doesn't hurt any of us  if we do speak to it. I mean Corby's hurt already with the virus. But wait a minute...why doesn't anyone have it yet?" Zajarr asked. Corby shook her head.

"I don't know. But I can taste blood in my mouth. I think I need the kitchen sink again..." Corby mumbled. Slowly, she began to feel dizzy, and her body became limp. Black blotches appeared in front of her gaze and her ears began to ring. She didn't notice, but she was swaying dizzily. 

The last thing she saw was blood on the floor, and Leigh and Zajarr's torn apart faces in fear. 

Will I die here? Corby asked her author.

No. Yes. Well, you're the time leaper, leap forward and check. How am I supposed to know. It grumbled.

Will I die here? Corby hissed again.

I hope not Corby, I really hope.

The End

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