When I saw what Jyll wrote in that giant bubble, I grinned, and raised an arm. "Do you remember me, Jyll?" She looked at me, a little confused, ans shook her head. I slapped my own head. Of course she would remember me! I've changed!

I held Corby close. Jyll looked around, at the light of the floating fire orbs. She cupped her hands and a few fire orbs popped out from her fingers of fire. A fire bird swooped round. "Where's Flamara?" She asked. A few people pointed to me. She looked doubtful. "It is me, Jyll! I made your fingers come back, and when I was taken by some Shadows, I put a fire cage around you!" I told her. Her pretty eyes lit up, and she ran over to Corby and I. I gave her a hug with one arm, then she pulled away to go to Leigh and Sealantus. She like Leigh the best, I think. While Leigh was busy, Sealantus held little Jyll in his huge arms. He made little bubbles dance around, then pop, making her look like she was laughing.

Corby sniffed. "Even Jyll doesn't cry. I'm pathetic." she sighed. I shook my head. I planted a kiss on the top of her head. "No, hun. Your not pathetic. If I was still Flamara, I would be bawling. But now that I am Zjarri, I can control it." I said in a hushed voice.



I saw the girl run away, and I lunged out at her, trying to stop her. My greasy, straw-like hair stuck out everywhere. I hadn't meant to scare the girl. But then, I never mean to. A lot of people are scared of the dark. I looked down at my strong, long nailed hands. I looked at my clothes; torn and dirty. I looked into the side of something that had been beaten almost to a scrape heap. i was pale, and my face was pained and evil. My eyes were the same. Eyes of the deepest purple. I thought of my beautiful Suniria. She had rejected me for my own good, but I didn't see it that was. I had scampered away, howling like the beast I am.

I saw a beautiful woman come in, her eyes glowing orange. Flamara. She was not how I remembered her, but the aura I felt around her was almost the same. I reached out to her, smiling with my hideous jagged grin. I breathed heavily. My sister was in this house, along with others. I heard the little girl she was carrying whispered, "Zjarri, Flamara, let's get out of here. Please." she seemed terrified. Zjarri? So my cute sister had changed her name? It was nice. And soon, I would come forward. I had been cast away from other places. I was dangerous, and only one thing could save me. Something I hadn't seen in ten years. Light. But I would not be able to tell anyone, because I need the light to get my voice and reason back. Without them, I would most likely slaughter every man, woman and child in the house. Whoever they may be.

The End

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