As Corby came running through, I let Leigh help Kian, as soon as I heard Corby say she saw a face. I crawled out, and let little fire orgs float round the room. I stood, and opened my arms. She ran into them, and sobbed, shaking madly. I pulled her close, and stroked her hair. Some rolled their eyes at her, others just sat. I pulled a chair to a corner, and sat Corby in my lap. She told me what happened.

I nodded every now and again. "Do you believe me?" she asked. I looked round. I stroked her hair gently, and she laid her head against my shoulder, although she was a little hesitant.

 "Is it because I have changed appearances that you are scared a little of me? And yes, I believe you. And I am scared. Very scared. A plae face, with hair like straw did you say?" I whispered. She nodded. I stood, and held her hand. I pulled her gently to the kitchen. She hid behind me. I heard heavy breathing in the darkness, and a white fog drifted from the corner. I scooped Corby up, and ran back to the other room, locking the doors. Everyone queried what was going on. Leigh called to me. Sealantus was by her side. I hauled Corby so she clung onto my back, and placed both my hands on Leigh's head. I showed her pictures of Drakath, and before and after he had become evil.

She gasped, and shuddered. "He may be here. In the kitchen." I stood, and left Leigh to explain to Sealantus. Corby climbed down from my back, and into my arms. I held her close. Her warm body comforted me. I looked at Sealantus, who was showing Leigh how to use water as well as ice and snow. I tilted my head, and wondered if I could get an apprentice. I thought about leaving the house many times, to go back to my home, and train Skyrah. She could control all of the Elements. A Royal Elemental Princess. In a way, Leigh was Sealantus's apprentice. Corby, who was still  sat on my lap, curled her legs up, and cried a little. The Shadows, the army, and even the deisise, The dieseise that would soon be gone, all of that would be nothing compare to Drakath in his beast form.

"Shhhhh...I'm scared too. We must master our fear, like I have master fire, and the sword. I can teach you if you want." I told her. She looked up at me. She brushed her tears away. She was no more than a girl, I realized that now. A girl with extraordinary powers. I rocked gently with her, scared of what lay in wait in the kitchen, where things usually went wrong...

The Radio came over, and played 'Monsters'. As It got to, 'the situations are critical', I heard Corby mutter, "Yeah, they sure are." I gave a little laugh. Corby was a sweet child. She made everyone smile.

The End

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