Corby slumped onto the sofa and began coughing. Suddenly the lights went off. Oh no...i'm dying already? Corby thought. Then opened her eyes and heard someone shout:

"BAKA!" Corby laughed, no she hadn't died, maybe the power went out. Well she hadn't died because Seleantus tripped.

Corby was getting more ill every second, but somehow no-one else had the virus. Nathan had gone, and many were injured. The firing of guns had stopped, but a few shouts echoed around the house.

She got up slowly, then quicky ran to the kitchen, she was hot again.

Please don't fall on the floor again Corby, please. Her author moaned. She ran to the sink, ignoring her author and was sick in it. Sick again, and again...continuously until her throat was sore. She then poured herself a cracked glass of water and sat down. She coughed again.

She looked out of the crack in the curtains of the window in the kitchen. The moon was there. The moon. Corby hadn't fully looked at the moon for years. It was like a birth of a child. She smiled and sighed, slowly turning and looking into a dark corner of the kitchen to see a face.

A face that glared, it was pale and frightening and had straw like hair. Even though somewhere hidden behind their eyes they looked sad, they still glared evilly like they were possessed by something. With that, the face lunged at her. She screamed in fear and ran out of the kitchen.

"A FACE!! IT WAS A FACE!!" She screamed, terrified.

The End

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