Oh Dear!!!!

I saw movement from near a chair. I laid Nathen's body down, and went to where the chair was shaking. I pulled it to the side slightly, and looked into the eyes of a boy whose leg was seriously injured, and he was clutching his belt and dance shoes. "Oh dear!" I breathed. This boy, Kian, seemed almost scared of me. Well, it wasn't surprising. I had two swords and could use then pretty darn well.

I went into the kitchen, and raided some cupboards. I smiled as the first aid kit came into view. I rolled my eyes as it sprouted legs, and stumbled over to me. I picked it up, and took it back to Kian.  It opened as I placed it down. I pulled out some parasetamol, and handed thm to him. He looked at me curiously. "Your eyes just changed colour." he whispered. I rolled my eyes. Great. I had dual personalities. Suddenly, all the lights went out. Everyone shouted and laughed a bit. I only gulped. He wouldn't be here yet.

I wrapped some bandage round Kian's bad leg. Round and round, at the light of a single flame. Leigh made her way over. She gently pushed Kian's leg up a bit. Kian sucked in through clenched teeth. Leigh tilted her head, and took over bandaging Kian's leg. "You enjoy dancing?" she asked him softly. He nodded slightly. I laughed, and thought of the great dance hall and the costumes and music from back home. "If we ever get out of the Hideout, I'm taking everyone in this house to my home." I told them. Leigh gave a little snort, and Kian gave a grimace. Little snowflakes danced around the flame in my hand. Something crashed, and someone shouted, "BAKA!", so I guessed that it was Sealantus, trying to find his way in the darkness.

The End

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