I pulled away from Jason. I Knew that things about me had changed. My powers, my personality, my appearance....I lent forward, and touched my finger to Jason's forehead. He gave a gasp, then fell unconscious. I stood, and left him there. I saw Nathen's body, and pulled it into a corner. I sat there, stroking his neck and arms, cursing Jason for taking my friend away from me. I felt a whisper. Why hadn't Russalka come?

I dawned on my why. Today was Samhain, or Halloween, the day on which the veils between the living and the dead are at their thinest.  Russalka would be stalking the streets of the human world.  I held Nathen close, rocking back and forth with him.  I whispered in his ear. "Nathen, hold on. Nathen,  stay with us." I felt something brush my cheek. My head snapped up. No one was near me. "Nathen?" I whispered. I gulped, and dabbed away Nathen's blood with a piece of cloth. Then, I heard a whisper, that sound a lot like........

"Revenge. Blood. Pain."   Then, it was one name that made me almost cry out. "Drakath." I knew at once that Drakath would come.

The End

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