I'm Dead?

I was suddenly awake.  I looked around.  Was I floating?  yes, I was.

As I looked down, I saw someone, someone dead, blood oozing from his chest.  Then I realize that it's me.  I look at my hands and feet, or where they should have been, but they aren't there.  I move around the house, see Jason finally captured, and Elric and Corby Realived that they didn't need to use the gun.  I see Mischa sitting in a corner, for the most part asleep.  The Radio is running around, playing some song I wasn't familiar with.  Then I realize something is missing.  Me.  I wasn't there.  I guess no one there really even noticed.  It was as if I wasn't in anyway affecting the situation.

But then it really hit me.  I'm Dead.  I died.  Ha, and it was no one but Jason.  I used to train with him and beat him all of the time, and now he caught me off guard just once and I'm dead.  I even got a fever, even tried to kill myself before and none of it worked.

I looked around the house somemore, though.  I wondered what happened next.  Was there supposed to be some kind of bright light or something?  I didn't know.  I moved around the house, even directly infront of people, shaking around directly infront of their eyes to see if they could notice.  But they didn't.

I was really just a ghost . . .

The End

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