O. M. G.

I was so shocked. Nathen was dead (?), Elric was on the verge of shooting Jason, Flamara/ Zjarri and Leigh were stood side by side, one hand in each others, the other holding a weapon, or with thier hand near one. Jason seemed to be shocked at the sight of my sister, radiant and unrgonizeable. Zjarri let go of Leigh's hand, and went forward, towards where Jason was on the floor, after being owned by Hola.

Zjarri took her mask off, and put it on the side before pulling Luce and Scuro out, kneeling down, and laying them, crossed over, on Jason's chest. She gave him a stare that could send a normal person screaming. My mouth fell open as I watched Zjarri pulled the swords away from Jason, and sit back on her haunches. Leigh pushed my mouth closed. Zjarri sighed.

"Why are you trying to hurt my friends? If you have a reason, please tell me it. If it is a good reson, then I would think about letting you leave this house unscathed. Bad reason, just a personal grudge...well, you get my gist." She giggled as she ran a finger over Scuro's blade. I found myself wooping. Zjarri and Leigh both stared up at me, giving me that stare that said 'shut it or else'. I wasn't taking any chances with a woman who could freeze me in an instant, or someone who could cut me to ribbands. No chances.

The End

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