the sound of gunfire

Hola was awoken by the sound of gunshot rocketing around the house, you could hear the echos or were they multiple shots? Hola coldn't tell. But since there had to be someone from the outside that could help, Hola was the only one who had been sleeping in a bed after getting llost in the basement so... you get the train of thought. Hola to see whats going on, before the house falls on top of everyone because some one let a grinade off at the wrong time.

Anyway Hola got out of the room she had been sleeping in for the past so many hours and started totry and find out where the gunfire came from.

The gun noise gradually got louder and louder untill she was standing behind the person who was firing. He was not someone who she reconised but he was firing at people who she did know so without any hesitation she kicked him between the legs. He dramatically fell to the ground dropping his gun.

The End

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