What's Happened To Flamara?

Corby gasped, eyes wide. She opened the door to see Nathan on the floor, blood smeared across his chest. She screamed and jumped back in shock, then ran over to him on the floor. 

"Nathan!" she yelled, "Someone, help quick!" People began to gather around, covering his wound with cloths and dabbing them. It wasn't working. "I think we might have to take the bullet out..." Corby mumbled, feeling the heat of his forehead, "Flamara?! Do you think you can heal Nathan?" 

Corby turned to see a girl, much different to Flamara, standing in front of her. She had one sword hanging on a belt at each hip, and slits for pupils instead of round ones. 

Corby stood up while others fussed around Nathan, "You must be new. I'm Corby," Corby smiled and put her hand out for her to shake. Slowly someone took her arm and pulled her gently back. Seleantus.

"Corby, this person isn't new. It's Flamara. She's changed," he whispered, low into her ear. She looked up. Somewhere, deep inside, secretly hidden or covered up like makeup...It did look like Flamara. 

"But...what's happened to her?!" 

The End

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