Zjarri, Luce and Scuro

I screamed as I heard the gunshot. Fire raged around me, and around the room. Sealantus ran in, and froze. I fell to the floor, screaming in anger and pain. Then, the house was silent.

I felt a change. The fire had changed me. How, I was unsure. I felt...stronger. I smiled to myself. I stood carefully, finding the pain gone, and walked to a mirror. I gaped at what I saw.

A beautiful woman stood before me. Her skin was pale, her features were perfect, apart from a scar across her cheek. Her strange eyes were powerful and frightning. They were pale yellow, with fire dancing and swirling in them. The slit pupils looked curiously back at me. Her fiery red hair was in a bob, not the long hair I knew. Her lips were dark red, and her teeth were perfect. She was dangerous, beautiful, loyal and protective. She would care for her friends till the very end. 

I, and the beautiful person in the mirror, who just couldn't be real, were wearing black stretchy trousers, a bright orange tank top, and a heavy belt. carrying two swords. I was no girl. I was a powerful, dangerous warrior. I drew the swords with care. One has a blade of black, the other of silver. I named them Scuro and Luce. "Flamara?" a voice asked. I turned. Sealantus let out a shriek. I smiled. My canine teeth had grown slightly sharper, but they were otherwise the same. I put my swords away.

"My name is no longer Flamara." I told him. He opened his mouth, then shut it. He gulped. "My name is Zjarri. The sword to my left is Scuro, to my right, Luce." I told him. I indicated to the black bladed sword, Scuro, then to Luce. Sealantus ran out of the room and down the stairs. From a secret draw, I pulled out the only item that Ara had left me. A black mask with two red feathers. I put it on. It fit perfectly. I remembered the words that Ara had given me when he had given me this.

"Each person has a beginning, a middle, and an end. You, I Sealantus, and Leigh, we have another section. It's called The Change." I thought those words he had told me. He had gone. That was his Change. Sealantus had fallen in love with Leigh, and had taken her back from Death. Leigh was the Princess of snow and ice. I had just experianced the Change, I felt. And now, anyone who got in my way, they would no about it.

The End

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