Corby explains and Leigh makes a promise

Corby stood in front of Leigh, smiling slightly. Slowly and gently, she slid down the door and bumped her bum on the kitchen tiles that was cracked and battered from the chaos it had been in.

Leigh sat down beside her, "What's up Corby?" she asked. Corby sighed.

"I might not be yet and it might not be now but...I'm going to die. And I've kissed Elric so I'll have to say bye to him and I'll have to say bye to you and everyone..." I whispered. Seleantus attempted not to listen, shoving a metal spoon and trying to crack the ice rather than hot chocolate.

"Don't go listening fish face," Leigh sniggered happily then was brought back to the problem and sighed, "We'll sort this out. I promise," Leigh whispered, wrapping her arm around Corby. "Remember, no-one can die in this house, we have a healing room,"

Corby thought then sighed, "Ara's gone. And I bet Elric won't like me because I kissed him and he wants to be friends..." she mumbled, "I'm in the wars today! It's like I'm in a sad, depressing pit, crawling my way out!" She smiled and Leigh laughed.

"I promised Corby, I'm not letting you die here, not until you've lived your life fully." She said, determined.

"Really?" Corby asked, shocked. Leigh nodded. "Well, let's just have our fingers crossed and our heads held high. Women united!" Corby jumped up with her fist in the air laughing with Leigh.

Suddenly a gun shot fired in the living room. And screams filled the warm air. And everything had changed again...

There wasn't happiness around any more.

The End

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