Jason's Back . . .

I lay there, almost completely unconcious.  I was sweating badly, and the room might as well have been on fire.  Somewhere in the corner of my mind, I heard words.  "Flamara is in the healing room," is the only part he got out of it though.

Wait.  Why would she be in the healing room?  Then I remembered.  Jason was in the healing room.

Without thinking about it, I hoped to my feet, ignoring the ilness.  But as soon as I was on my feet, I saw Jason in front of me.  He shot me once in the chest, and the impact blew me off my feet, flipping me behind the couch. 

I wondered if he had the antidote to the poison.  Well, that was the last thing I thought before I became unconcious.  The only sound in my head one of that which I knew about.  Alot.

Gunfire.  Chaos.

The End

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