Drama and Frozen Chocolate

Sealantus was being a big baby about the whole Ara disappearance. Yes it was sad, Leigh thought, especially for Flamara. Leigh’s heart felt for the woman, but even she seemed to have taken it better than Sealantus. She wished the ice cream trick that worked for kids would work for him.

Then again, a slight smile crept onto Leigh’s face, maybe it could. She pulled herself back from him, where he was bawling on her shoulder. “Alright Calamari Fish Face, you’ve had your cry, time for hot chocolate.” The look on his face when she called him that was priceless. It was just a shame Flamara wasn’t here to see it, or she didn’t have a camera to capture it.

Leigh led Sealantus into the kitchen. As they passed the entry she noted the front door was ajar and could see Corby and Elric outside. Not a bad private spot, if you wanted one, a bit cold and rainy though. The radio came running by playing an Irish jig. A man in the hall looked at it utterly perplexed. A new comer, Leigh noted. She ought to say hi but her first task was to get Sealantus back into a functioning mode.

That turned out easier than expected. No sooner had they arrived in the fully refinished kitchen, then Leigh broke into a coughing fit. All drama over Ara’s departure left his system as his concern focused to her. She waved him off, ineffectively until she was done.

“I’ll be fine really.” He frowned at her as she turned to the cupboards. Setting a strand of hair in the payment box, she continued. “come on, we’ve survived everything else that’s been thrown at us, why won’t we survive this?” Leigh fished out hot coco mix and milk. The milk froze. She laughed. “Maybe I’d be better at making chocolate ice cream now.”

Looking up Leigh saw Corby standing in the door way. She was dripping. “Hey,” Leigh said. Sealantus turned around to also look at Corby.

“Am I interrupting?” Corby asked hesitantly.

“Of course not, I was about to teach Fish Face here how to make Hot coco, as it seems I can only make the frozen kind.”

“Oh,” Corby stayed hesitant at the door.

Leigh moved around Sealantus to face Corby. She bent her knees slightly to be on the girl’s level, but keeping enough distance to not freeze her. “What’s up Corby?” It was obvious she wanted to talk.

The End

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