Tell Them

He blinked once. She kissed me... He blinked again. She kissed me... He raised a finger to his lip. And then she walked away.

He was confused, to say the least. That in itself was rare. He thought she wanted space, then she talked to him, kissed him, and then she left. What does that mean? And how does Leigh fit into this?

Realizing that he was still sitting out in the rain, he stood up as a bird flew at him. It seemed to be on fire, but after staying in this place for as long as he had, for all he knew it could be a new occupant.  It only confirmed his suspicion when it began to talk.

"Get help. Flamara is in the healing room. Nathan must be warned. And the others." It landed on his shoulder and cocked its head sideways, looking up at him. Twice in a single day, the great Elric Chandler was confused beyond reason.

Flamara's in the healing room... so what? Why would that be some kind of emergency? Well... maybe someone else will know.

Conceiting that someone else may know something he did not was another large change from the normal. Before you know it I'll be asking my foes 'why can't we just be friends?'

Nevertheless he walked back inside dripping wet and whispered to the bird "Tell them what you told me."

It came as a surprise, though it hardly should have, when the bird took off, circled in the middle of the living room, and repeated its message perfectly.

The End

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