Surprise. She spoke!

     As Flamara took Jyll I went over and sat down by May. "Hello." I said to her.Then I heard her mutter something. I looked surprised at her."Hello?"

   "Oh. Hi." She said back.

     "What do you know about all these people?"

     "Not much."

   "Me neither." I looked at her and sighed.

  We sat in silence for a few minutes. Then Jyll came over and sat by us with her small teddy bear. "Hey Jyll. Did Flamara the nice lady over there give that to you?"

    "Yes." She said sweetly.

    "That was nice of her." I said quietly to her. Then we watched as people ran up and down, in and out, and some even disappeared. When this happened I looked shocked. "What happened to that guy named Ara?" I asked surprised. I got up and went over to find out where everyone was going. I felt and evil presence as I walked up the stairs. Then on the floor by the healing room I saw a girl laying on the floor. "What happened to you?" I asked her. I picked her up and carried her into the healing room. "Wow. You look hurt." I set her down gently on a bed.

      Where would I find someone to help her? Then my question was answered as the room started doing it's job. Wow! I thought. That was unexpected. What room is this? I then left the room to it's job and went back down the stairs to where May and Jyll were still sitting.

The End

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