Oh For The Love Of....

As I felt a surge of happiness within me, than was not mine. It awoke me. The Radio slipped into the room, and played   'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'. I pulled myself up, and looked out the window, to see Corby kiss Elric, then go inside. He sat there, frozen. He touched his own lips. Even from up here, I heard him mutter, "That was no illusion." I sent a bird of fire down to him, that said, 'Get help. Flamara is in the healing room. Nathen must be warned. And the others."

He gulped, and I solidified the bird, so it felt real when he touched its head. It hopped onto his shoulder, no longer following my commands. It would follow him forever now. I knew it. I sighed, and slumped. The Radio came forward, and played  'Owner Of A Lonely Heart'. I sighed. "It's true, my friend. He's gone. And he has left me alone again." I told the Radio that I would not cry, but I would not love again. Not for a long time, anyway.

The End

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