What's wrong Corby?

Wishing time would slow, Corby shook her head in shame. Someone stood behind her quietly, attempting to not disturb her. They didn't. She slowly turned to see Elric, also soaked by the pouring down rain, he stared up at the clouds, somehow slightly desolate.

Corby turned back, "You can sit if you want," she mumbled quietly. So, obediantly, he took a step forward and sat beside her. Slowly, she placed her head on his shoulder, he wrapped his arm over her shoulder, somehow like she fitted in to his puzzle piece.

"Can I ask what's wrong?" he asked politely.

"Yes," she replied. He paused.

"What's wrong Corby?"

"I don't want to die..." she whispered.

"Neither do I," he replied, sighing.

They both stayed silent for a few minutes, listening to the rain like they did by the window. Things seemed so repetitive...she thought.

Corby lifted her head and stared up at Elric, who smiled crookidly but happily. Stretching up a little, Corby pecked Elric's cool, wet lips with hers for 1 second, then moving away, felt the blush spreading across her cheeks.

She smiled, "If you'll excuse me, I would just like to go and speak to Leigh,"

The End

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