Sorry...For Everything.

As Ara faded, I sho Iok my head sadly. I would not cry. His memories of me would be gone, and he would be happy. I went upstairs to check on Jason. I held in my hands the photo Leigh had given to me, given to her by Sealantus. I tucked it away, and as soon as I opened the healing room's door, BAM! I was knocked almost unconscious by Jason. He left, smirking. I lay there, blood pooling around me, and this time, no one would help me.

I put out a messege, into everyone's minds. "I'm sorry, for every problem I have caused. I am in the healing room, but it  is not healing me.I don't know why, but its not. Jason is out, be careful." I drifted uncoscious, thinking of Ara. I knew, that it would only be a matter of hours, and Ara would be erased from almost everyone's mind. Apart from Jyll's, and mine. Maybe Sealantus. Leigh and I vowed, in Ara's honour, that we would forever call Sealantus his name of Calamari Fish Face.

The End

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