Means of Excape/Death Bed . . . I mean couch

Jason sat in the room,  The healing room, and still bound with fire ropes which Flamara had made.  Little did they know, he actually had a knife made of the same material of the vest he'd worn which could cut through and deflect flamara's power.

He pulled it out, slowly cutting through the ropes around his wrists, rubbing the lines and burns the ropes had made. 

Also in his pocket, was a small vail of the antidote of poison which he'd been warned about.  They'd supposedely given it to Nathan hopeing it'd travel to the rest of them, but then realized that not all of them might have it.  He took a small swig of the antidote.

Footsteps came from the bottom of the stairs, coming up, and eventually almost passing his room.  Just as they did, he leapet out, and tackled the person, punching them in the face once as percaution.

It was Flamara.  He wouldn't be fooled by her playing knocked out this time, though.  He elbowed her in the face, giving her a bloody nose, and then again and again, followed by a searies of punches, five of them.  After that, he stood up, and kicked her in the head a few times, even stomping on it once.

By this time he was sure she was asleep.  completely.  And He'd bet her face never looked normal again.  He walked toward the stairs.  Toward Nathan.


I sat on the couch, drifting in and out of sleep.  I was so hot, and could feel it in my brain.  Almost feel the brain cells being killed off.  I realized I was going to die, and embraced it.  What did I have to loose.  Everything began to go black, and the murmer of the huge crowed was starting to get fainter and fainter.  Suddenly I heard a gun shot, but it was too late.  Everything had already become black.

The End

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