Organization 5

Our crazy cast of characters have fought sapient appliances, multitudes of shadows and even a whole army, but now they face a fast spreading infectious agent, destined to kill them all. Will they find a way to cure it? Who knows as one by one they all succumb to the sickness.


And who is this crazy cast?

Ara – a Halfling in his mid twenties, so recently faded from view. He has left us for green mountains, his author inspired with a tale to tell for him. In his departure he has left many distraught.

Flamara – In love with Ara the Queen of Fire’s heart has been broken. She can not think, she can not weep as she stands in the Living room.

Sealantus – King of Water and Flamara’s brother, he will miss Ara, if only for the insults they threw at each other. Thankfully he has his own love interest to comfort him as he stands beside his sister.

Leigh – Loved by Sealantus, even brought back form death by him. Still uncertain of her own feeling and the powers she’s gained, she comforts him as she watches her friend.

Corby – Leigh’s friend and time traveler. She sits upon the steps thinking deep thoughts, unaware of her visitor.

Elric – Young man of Corby’s ages, hopes she can help him find his way home. He’s gone outside to stand behind her, thinking thoughts of his own.

Nathan – Mute assassin, his departure form those he worked for brought the army in. In letting them take him, he rid the house of them; however now that he’s come back he’s realized they have used him to infect the house with a deadly poison. He must write to make himself herd, except to his one friend.

Ivory - Nearly a full grown white tiger, she’s prone to sporadic growth spurts and can communicate mind to mind with Nathan only, but can occasionally she hear others like Falmara.

Jason - Nathan's would be assassing some where about the house, rumor has it he's in the healing room.

Jade – An Angel who’s managed to find the house, and save the littlest member from a puzzle box.

Jyll – Our littlest member, having been taken captive by the army, she’s gotten amnesia and can not remember who her friends are, so she’s said hi to the newest member of the crew.

Kian – A new comer to the house and Irish dancer extraordinaire, in fact he's so extrodinary he's the Lord of the Dance (see Delorfininde's story 'Lord', for more information on this fine character).

May – A girl with a bow and arrow, who entered (and was shot) during the army invasion.

Hola – Out wondering in the house, wondering where everyone has gotten to and if it’s safe to find them.

Radio – It’s your friendly sapient appliance, playing music to suit the mood.

The End

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