Punched and pushed

Corby yawned, stretching and sliding up off of the sofa. People were panicking, calling Ara's name, except Elric. He sat at the end of Corby's feet and stared down at her. As Flamara ran around frantically, Corby grabbed her hand and pulled her back in front of her.

"What's going on?!" she asked urgently.

"Don't worry Corby, go back to sleep, you need your rest," Flamara whispered, kissing her head and strolking her hair softly.

"Please," she pled.

"I'll...I'll tell you soon, I promise!" she shouted as she ran off up the stairs. Corby sat in shock. What had happened when she was sleeping? Where was Leigh? Where was Misha and Geoff? Corby got up, and walked to the front door, rubbing her saw head and sneezing.

She stood in front of it, rubbing it's oak slowly. "I'm not leaving, just let me out for a moment," she whispered to the door. It slowly opened, and she walked out, sitting on the step, getting soaked by the rain.

Then, as Corby became breathless and ill, she started to cry, over nothing. Over an empty piece of space or energy punching and pushing her this way and that. But it hurt.

It was actually hurting her.

The End

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