Farewell From Ara.

As he had stood on the ground, almost completely motionless save for the tears running down his face, Ara began to feel a strange sensation. It didn't come from anywhere in particular, it seemed to imminate from every part of him, like a strange tingling. His mind began to cloud, everything becoming rather indistinct and blurry. For a moment he panicked, thinking the disease was taking effect, but soon realised differently when he looked down at his hands.

They were fading. Literally, fading out of existance, right before his very eyes. And it wasn't just his hands, all of him was gradually fading away, bocoming less substantial even as he looked at it. Ara gave a cry of alarm and he saw several heads turn to face him.

What's happening? What is this magic? What's happening to me?

Flamara stared at him in utter shock. Ara gave her a pleading look, opening his mouth to speak. But when sound came it sounded like it was being said from the end of a very long tunnel, echoey and indistinct. Flamara reached out a hand, but her hand went straight through him. Ara's eyes widened and he called again, still in the same echoey voice. Flamara continued to stare, the beginnings of tears forming in her eyes as, slowly, Ara faded away and disappeared from the room completely, leaving no trace that he had ever been there.

*                                           *                                    *                              *

Ara hit the hard ground with a loud "thump". He stood up and shook himself, his head fuddled and confused. What the heck had just happened? Where was he?

How had he gotten here anyway?

A vague fuzzy memory drifted into his mind, indistinct, yet strangely emotive. Ara struggled to make sense of it, tossing his horned head in an irritated fashion and snarling under his breath but, try as he might, the memory just wouldn't come.

But all thoughts of the memory were chased from his mind when he looked up and saw where he was.

He was standing on a mountainside, surrounded by large boulders and with a small stream running a small distance to his left. And from the mountain he had the most magnificent view.

Below him, deep green forest stretched away for miles, only broken here and there by glades. Huge mountains rose up on either side, stretching off to the Northern and Southern horizons and disappearing beyond Ara's line of sight. It was amazing, a whole new world, unexplored and with endless possibilites for a new start. Ara let out a whoop and raced off down the mountainside, his feet flying over the earth and soon disappearing into the trees beyond.

Yet even as he ran, that vague memory kept popping up in his mind. And, for some reason he did not remember, Ara felt tears pricking his eyes. It was as if he had left somewhere he loved, as if he were remembering at time that he knew would never come again.

As though he had lost someone he loved.

The End

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