I showed Leigh how to use her powers, as well as I could. It felt strange. Then, a soft music started in my head. I looked at Leigh, and she raised a delicate eyebrow. I shook my head. It was beautiful, and so sad...

I smiled. I felt that comforting lump in my pocket, that I had kept from my years of childhood. I pulled it out, and showed it to Leigh. She smiled. It was a picture of me, Flamara, Rorrocka, Breathen, Russalka, Suniria and Drakath. They were my brothers and sisters as children. I smiled at the picture. They all had their arms around each other, laughing at the camera. The wind began to blow. I gulped. I pushed the photo into Leigh's hands, and smiled.

"Give this to Flamara, and tell her, and know this yourself...that I will always return to those I love." I told her. She gulped, and left hesitantly. I stared at his sister and Mort, smiling. I stopped smiling, and looked at my sister. The look that I gave her was a look of a lie. She smiled behind Mort. Mort reached out his arms to me. "Come...." he whispered.

I stepped forward, and out again in a feint. "Not this time, Wispy." I whispered, then ran for my life. Mort snarled, and was going to persue me, but Russalka put her hand on his shoulder as I looked behind me. her words followed me.

"Don't follow. He came to look into your face, and into my eyes; not to die. And he shall not die. He shall never die...while there are people he cares for, and I'm not going to let you take them. Not without a fight. Back home. Now. We shall 'talk' it over there, and return with our decision."  I hugged myself in delight. Leigh came running to meet me. She stopped. I smiled, and I ran to her. I hugged her, and lifted her into the air. I put her down, and hugged her tight. I gave a giggle. "Just a little trickery. And they'll be back." I told her.

The End

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