Ara stood motionless as Sealantus walked up the stairs to the landing, staring at the door on the other side of the wall without really seeing it. He just couldn't believe what was happening, it was all too much. Death either wanted to take his life or the life of the person he loved more than any other.

And now her brother, formally Ara's rival and perhaps even enemy, had stepped in to take their places.

This just isn't right. No-one should ever have to make that choice, it's like tearing someone in half! Whichever of them dies, the chooser will always die too. Either physically or mentally. Or both.

This shouldn't be happening. This is like a nightmare.

This is like the choice I took all those years ago. The choice that lead to the death of my friends.

And now it's happening again. And there's no way to stop it.

Under his breath, so soft it could hardly be heard, Ara started singing. It didn't come from his mind, or his mouth, but from his heart. It was a heart-song of deepest sorrow, telling of the sadness and pain that must be endured in situations such as these. Anyone who would have heard it would have felt tears spring to their eyes without them noticing.

There were already tears in Ara's eyes now.

The End

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