Goodbye song

A silent, beautiful song played softly in Corby's mind. It was her author, playing Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto on the piano. it was so beautiful and delicate, like a goodbye song. 

As he played, her author said : How are you feeling? But Corby didn't have enough energy to reply. So she just listened.

I know I have been rather rotten to you, so I just wanted to apologise. But Corby, you will die one day, everyone will. But for you, it won't be here and it won't be today. He said determined, then went silent playing his piano.

Corby wouldn't die here and now. No-one would. To some kind of miracle, this horrible virus will stop somehow. We would all live. Breathe fresh air. Be a good family again where nothing goes wrong anymore, Corby thought.

I didn't say that.  Her author replied.

The End

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