Company for the Martyr

Leigh watched Sealantus leave. She looked down at Corby and back to the door. Kneeling down beside the girl, she gave her a cool kiss to the forehead. “I’m going to go wait with him. When I return we should all be well.” Leigh squeezed Corby’s hand and bent lower. “I love you,” she whispered ever so softly.

Perhaps it was an odd confession to make, but Leigh felt a connection to the girl.  And she did love Corby, in one of loves myriad of forms. Standing Leigh left the room and followed Sealaantus’ path.

“Hi,” she said quietly when she arrived where he sat waiting.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, surprised and puzzled by her presence. After all he had already said good-bye to her, she realized.

“Would you rather wait alone?” Leigh asked, as she sat before him.

"I would rather you not be here to witness this." He grumbled.

“Why? I am no stranger to death. I tried to die myself once,” she gave him half a sad smile. "Only it was my mother who was taken." She couldn’t remember if he was there when she’d announced her suicide attempt. “I sat beside my father in his last moments of life, when the cancer finally won.”

She crossed her legs and leaned forward, elbows on her knees, head in hands. Looking up at him, she smiled, “Besides, you’re the only one who can teach me how to use the powers you gave me.”

Softly, somewhere floating down the hall they could hear the Radio playing Candle in the Wind.

The End

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