Farewell, Sweet Snow Queen

I looked at the two laughing and hugging. I looked at Leigh. She was coughing. He stood, and she scrambled to get up. Everyone stared. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Mort prays on the souls of the living, and my sister Russalka lays them down to rest, softly and gently. She reincarnates them as something else afterwards. I hope I come back as a Sapient Radio." I chuckled as the Radio jumped up at me. Leigh frowned. I gulped.

"Mort wants the soul of Flamara since she is immortal, and powerful. He wants Ara for cheating him out of going over all those years ago, when Russalka took Aarn and Lucy, and let them keep their memories, and transported them here, it wait for Ara.  If someone immortal goes, he will be satisfied." Leigh looked up at him in horror. Outside, the rain turned to snow. I took Leigh's hands in mine, knelt before her, and kissed them.

"Farewell, my sweet Snow Queen, for that is who you are. Half sister to Flamara, and the other Royal Elementals. I give you half of my powers, to make water flow as well of ice and snow. Farewell, my beautiful Snow Queen, in the hope we meet again." I whispered to her. Ice teardrops clinked on the floor. I stood, let go of her hands, and untied the serpent necklace, and tied it round her neck. When it touched her skin, a snowflake appeared there too. I smiled, and turned. I knew Flamara was staring after m, as well as Ara.

I turned to face them, one last time. "Ara?" I asked.


"Take care of Flamara for me, and...to you, it's Calamari Fish face." I winked at him. He grinned at me, and waved the two photos round. I laughed. I went to Flamara and Ara. For the first time ever, Ara smiled at me. I kissed Flamara's forehead, and touched my fingertip to Ara's horn. I turned, and went up the stairs, and waited for Mort and Russalka to appear.

The End

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