Death Kiss and Funny Picture

Ara hadn't heard what I had said, so I repeated it to him. He looked in horror at me. I felt something in my pocket. I dug my hands in, and pulled out a piece of card. I fell to the floor, sparks flying. Ara raised an eyebrow, and so did Sealantus. I turned a picture of him to face them. It was him, almost flat on his back with fake vampire teeth half hanging out his mouth, and a vampire cloak over his eye, and him trying to push it away. Ara almost collapsed in laughter. He stopped, and I hid the picture away. I repeated my story to him. He gulped. He clasped my face in his hands, and looked into my eyes, leaning his head against mind, making sure he didn't stab me with his horn.

I pulled myself in, and kissed him. He held me there for a moment, them I pulled away. I hadn't told him one part. "If you decided to give yourself couldn't just hand yourself over. Mort said...that I would have to kill you, and bring you to him with my own hands. If I gave myself up, my body would stay here forever, and never rot, or go away." I choked. He shushed me gently, holding me in his arms softly. I listened to his heartbeat,  thinking it would be the last time, but it wouldn't be.  I pulled out the picture again. I went across the room. I found a photo copier, and grinned. I made two more copies. I put the original in my pocket, one to Ara, which he hugged, and laughed as I gave the other to Leigh. "I made a vow to Sealantus that if he ever got a girlfriend that wasn't me, I would sow her this. And now it's yours." I curled her fingers round it, and she grinned. I  photo copied a picture of Sealantus pouting too. I gave a copy to Ara. He looked at the pictures like they were gods.

I heard him mumble, "Hehe, you're in for some serious teasing and black mail, Calamari Fish Face." I chuckled, and he held me in his arms again.

The End

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