Let Me In!

Still feeling shaken, Ara gently probed Flamara's mind. Something was wrong with her, and he wanted to find out what. But, try as he might, she wouldn't let him in. She'd built massive mental barriers around her mind and, every time he tried to enter, she rebuffed him fiercely.

~Flamara,~ he said silently ~What's wrong? Let me in. You can trust me.~

But Flamara remained silent, refusing to answer him or even so much as meet his gaze. He tried again, more forcefully this time:

~Tell me what's wrong why don't you? What's scared you? If it's going to hurt you I want to know about it! Please. Don't shut me out like this.~

Come on, come on, let me in! Tell me what's going on! I hate being shut out like this! Why won't you look at me?

What have I done?

The End

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