A Deal With Death...And My Own Sister

I ran upstairs, where I felt evil radiating the most. I stopped. Beffore me stood a Shadow with wispy fog insteady of legs, thin black lips, white eyes with no pupil, and knarled fingers.


"Fair Flamara, I believe you have come to make a deal with me and your sister."

My beutiful sister Russalka stood beside him. She had whit hair, white skin, and pupils black as Death. Her irises were golden. She stared down at me. I gulped. "Tell me the way(s) of how I can save my friends from your cold hands, Mort."

Mort gave a twisted, cold smile. He touched my cheek. Russalka slapped his hand away. He hissed. "If you want to save them, there are two options. The first is you will give yourself to me, and take your sisters hand, and be placed on a throne of fire, and stay there forever. Your body will always remain in the Hideout, never decaying, there forever." I swallowed, and narrowed my eyes. Russalka nodded sadly."The second?" I asked, daring him to test me.

A smile twisted his thin lips again. "Kill, and bring me... the cold corpse of the Halfling, Ara. You must kill his with your own hands. I give you one hour to decide. I will return with your sister at my side, for you, Ara, or the first of many." They disappeared like smoke after that. I ran down the stairs, into the living room, and my knees buckled, so I fell into the arms of Ara. I listene to his heart beat.

I stood, and told everyone of what had happened, and the price we would have to pay. Sealantus gasped when I told him of Russalka. I lifted my head high, and shouted as loud as I could; to Death, to the house, and to my family.

"I would give my life for this house, thses people! I would give everything I had to keep them safe! I would go past Death's doors and back again for all of you, one at a time if I had to! This house is my home, these people my family!"

I stopped, and the Radio came running, and jumped into my arms.It played 'We Are Family' then, 'We Are The Champions' then, making me laugh wildly, 'The Addams Family'.

The End

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