Who Next?

When Nathan had erupted off the sofa, the shock had almost sent Ara keeling over backwards. What the heck was with this guy? Was he delusional or something?

Then, when Corby had been carried in, looking like she was just about dead, Ara's mind had gone into overdrive.

Something strange was going on in this house. Something was cloying the air around them, perhaps this was what had felled Nathan and now Corby.
Who would be next?

Ara tapped Nathan's shoulder. He didn't respond, but Ara could tell he was listening, however distantly.

"There's something wrong here. Whatever got you appears to have got Corby too. I don't know what it is, or if it could infect anyone else." he turned his horned head to Nathan, yellow eyes looking at him accusingly, "But I know you do. Start talking Nathan. We need answers now. Before it's too late."

The End

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