Oh I wish it could be christmas, every day!

Corby felt warm and comfortable lying god knows where. She was completely out of it, and the only thing she could feel was a freezing cold hand in hers, probably because she was so hot. She then realised someone was holding her. She managed to open her eyes with extreme effort, fighting against the invisible force that was pushing them together.

She was being held in Elric's arms, who was walking along looking very scardley down at her, Leigh was walking next to him, her hand tightly held in Corby's.

"I'm tired," Corby whispered. Leigh looked down at her shocked.

"Stay awake Corby, keep going, you can do this!" she exclaimed, touching Corby's cheek and holding her hand tightly.

"Just...just let me sleep...only a few minutes...I'll be fine," she sighed and her eyes begun to close.

"Corby! No! Come on! Keep going!" a voice exclaimed as she was slowly put on the sofa. Elric tapped at her cheek, trying to wake her up, but it was useless. Slowly, the radio came in and started playing 'Oh I wish it could be christmas, everyday!' an old christmas song. 

"It's too early for a christmas song," Corby mumbled and heard some chuckled around her.

"Even when she's dying she still has the best spirit," Leigh laughed.

The End

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