Spreading Through the Air

I popped up so suddenly I really hadn't been trying.  I landed on my feet.  Everyone looked up.  Wait.  I could move!

I started jumping up and down, all around.  And was almost about to run up and jump at the wall, when I felt it again.  I felt hot, sooo hot.  Like I was burning up.  I fell on the floor, and blood started rushing out of my nose.

Ohhhh I should have known.  I suddenly came to the realization of what had happened.  They'd given me Sertoflix.  By "they" I mean the guys who had tried to take me away on the tank. 

I saw corby being carried out of the Kitchen I think, blood running from her head.  I rushed over to her, and her skin felt the same temperature as mine.

I fell to my knees and screamed.  Sertoflix was a drug they'd invented.  Well not a drug.  A disease.  It makes you feel hot, soo very hot, and once you start bleeding.  Then thats when you know you have about a week to live.  The worst part about this virus.  It spreads through the air.  If you stand within ten feet of the person who has it, you could get it in three breaths.  They'd given to me, and I'd brought it back here.  It reminded me painfully of Ant poison.  You just give it to them, then they'll give it to the whole colony.

Tears streamed down my face at knowing I'd doomed everyone.  Doomed Corby . . .

The End

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