It's Not What It Looks Like

"I'm fine," Corby had insisted. But she wasn't the one staring at her dark eyes or her pale face.

"Look at you, you're sleeping every second, go in the living room." Elric said as he started looking her up and down. It was just so sudden. One minute, she'd been fine, and the next...

"It's too crowded there," her faint voice came. It was all the warning he had before her legs gave out from under her. His hands shot out, but his fingertips were only able to graze the side of her arm.

With a sound that made his stomach churn, her head met tile, her eyes closed, and her whole body seemed to go limp. Staring in horror at the scene before him, blood began to seep from behind her head.

"What's happening!?"

Elric's eyes shot up to see Leigh standing in the doorway. At first he thought she was, like him, staring in shock at what had just happened. But she wasn't looking at Corby anymore. She was giving Elric a deadly glare that made his heart skip a beat.

He thought of what she must have seen. Corby falling backwards, his arms out trying to grab her... He came to the startling realization a moment later.

She thinks I pushed her.

The End

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