Copy Cat Corby

Corby slumped back into a chair, "I've only just realised, I'm too tired to drink hot chocolate let alone make it," her eyes became heavy.

"Want me to make it?" Elric offered politely, Corby smiled and nodded. With her eyes closed, she felt like she had lost one of her senses, so she opened them to see Elric just standing in front of her staring curiously. 

"Do I have something on my face?" Corby asked, pointing to it.

"No but, just standing here I can feel how hot you are." he smiled slightly.

"Thanks," Corby grinned happily and fiddled with her hair, blushing.

"No not hot hot I mean like...warm, you're burning up." he walked over and felt her forehead. "Your hotter than a water bottle!" he exclaimed, jumping back. "You're sick as a dog Corby," 

"I'm fine," her bottom eyelid and top was attracted to each other like magnets, closing every few seconds she opened them. 

"Look at you, you're sleeping every second, go in the living room," he said, trying to hall her up onto her feet. She took his hand and put it into his pocket.

"It's too crowded there," she said weekly. Suddenly all she felt was the feeling of letting go of Elric's arm and falling back, banging her head hard on the tiled kitchen floor. All she heard were muffled shouts, and her sight became blurred.

I wrote about someone hitting their head in another story. Her author grumbled. Copy cat. But Corby didn't have enough energy to reply. She just fell into a sleep as Leigh came in, the last thing she heard was:

"What's happening?!!" Then something warm poured all over her head. Blood.

The End

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