Hot Toddies Anyone?

Leigh looked at Ara, eyebrows raised and eyes wide. I just got back from the dead and he thinks I know, she wondered. “Um, I think you know as much as I do, probably more.”

He glared at her and she held up her hands. “Look I’ve been out of it since we won over the shadows. All I know, is that he was sick when I came back from being dead, and comatose since I got to the living room.”

Or is this Spook’s way of asking me for an Organization chapter?

Leigh’s author’s voice piped up in her head. Great there’s something that hasn’t changed, Leigh thought.

I heard that.

Go away, Leigh thought back. Her author grumbled something about being forced to write at work when she had a million things to do. Leigh shook her head at Ara.

“Sorry, I wish I had answers for you, but I don’t.” She paused, “You know, my grandmother had an awesome hot toddy recipe. I could make you some.” Leigh stood, and noticed there was a thin layer of ice that had formed between her and Sealantus. “If I don’t freeze it before I give it to you.” She laughed slightly.

What in the world is going on, she wondered. I’m death warmed over, make ice and turn rain into snow. She looked around the room to see if anyone was interested. She cocked her head, looking at Nathan. She swore she saw his eyelids flutter. She looked back at Sealantus. “Be right back again,” she smiled and left for the kitchen.

Okay, maybe she shouldn’t keep leaving him, maybe she should stay and find out who he was and stuff. After years of having no one love her but her parents it was just weird. Especially as it had been unexpected and without any apparent reasons. Perhaps love didn’t need reasons, she thought.

Leigh paused at the kitchen door, peering in to make sure she didn’t interrupt Corby and Elric. The last thing she wanted to do was to ruin Corby’s chance at happiness. She turned to lean against the kitchen door frame. I’m being utterly stupid aren’t I, she thought.

No, silly perhaps, not necessarily stupid. You know you could go to that room and play twenty question to find out what you’ve become.

Leigh snorted at her author.

The End

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