Step by Painful Step

Alright. I'm fed up of this. I am NOT just going to lie here like some dead sheep for the rest of my life. I am going to move if it kills me!

With a supreme effort, Ara heaved himself onto his haunches, wincing as he put weight on his wounded leg. Wiping the blood out of his eyes, he blinked and looked about, trying to get his bearings. When the room finally stopped spinning enough for him to see straight, he gave his wings a hard flap, using the downdraught to get to his feet. Then, shakily, he limped over to the couch where Nathan lay.

What happened to him? What's going on? Who did this?

A million questions raced through Ara's mind as he looked down at his injured friend. There was no way this could have happened without interference. He turned his horned head to Leigh:

"Would you care to explain what the heck is going on? Or am I going to be left in the dark for good?"

The End

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