Back to the good old days where everything was good and all we did was drink cocoa and marshmallows

Corby smiled slightly, "I...don't want to leave my friends behind..." she looked up at him and saw that his expression was questioning. 

"Why?" he asked.

"Being in this house, has pretty much changed my life, I don't want to turn back now. Especially on everyone." Corby mumbled. "It's impossible to take people with me even if I want to. I go until my author wants me out. Everyone's the same..."

He paused, "Will your author ever let you out?" 

"I actually have no clue whatsoever. I just hope he does at the same time as everyone else."

Well I'm not. I have better people to write about then you Corby Dreamer. Her author grumbled.

Don't be a spoil sport and have a sulk. We're all in this together. You've done enough to me. Corby sniggered back.

Just go get everyone hot chocolate, they want it. He replied. Corby sighed.

"Anyone want cocoa and marshmallows?" she called across the living room. Many mumbles crossed the room, and many nodded and smiled.

"Yes please," Elric and Leigh said in unison. She smiled at them both and walked into the kitchen, Elric slowly trailing along behind her happily, but still needing answers. 

The End

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