Explaining The Plan... Well, Some Of It

"I found a room." he started hesitantly. He wasn't certain if she knew of the mist or not, the only person that had been involved was the woman with red skin, and she'd pulled him out like there was a bomb about to go off in there. And he would know, Simmons had saved him from just such rooms more then once.

"It told me... things. Allot of things. And I had an idea. An idea of how to get out of this place. I just need a few things to have it all work out, otherwise I would have no way to control it, and..." he sighed. She probably wouldn't understand. He nearly laughed at that thought. He hardly understood.

Maybe she knows more then I do, still? he wondered. It might be nice to keep her talking. Besides, she is certainly a nice change from the men I've been doing business with over the last few weeks. And if I am stuck in this place, I might as well not estrange myself from everyone here.

"It's not a problem however. I've seen many things I thought impossible just two days ago. I need some time, but after that, " he cast a skirting glance at the other inhabitants still in the living room before lowering his voice. "I could most likely get us all out of here."

He gave Corby a quick grin before adding "Not like you couldn't have gotten yourself out of here a long time ago. I doubt that even this house could keep you trapped if you went to a dimension the house didn't exist in. So, Corby, why are you still here?"

The End

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