Please just keep this going longer...just to make me happy

Corby looked up at Elric. This was nearly the first time he had approached her and asked her a direct question. She smiled slightly but sighed, he'd go one day. Staring up at him, she saw him grinning and looked back at the rain, answering his question.

"I..."Corby mused," It's a shame I can't bring people with me, but yes I can bring objects if they're jammed inside my pocket or tight inside my hand I guess. But, when I jump through dimensions, I can't change them. It's a little bit like a rule, we aren't allowed to change what happens in the past or present or it could change the future forever. It's...complicated to explain." She sighed.

"I have time," she heard the smile in Elric's tone of voice.

"But no one has enough..." Corby whispered to herself.

Then together, Elric and Corby stared out of the window at the rain, banging down on the roof like bombs and small explosions. They listened carefully, only paying attention to the sound.

"No time like the present. So, why did you want to know if I could take objects with me?" Corby asked in wonder.

Now, with someone her age to talk to, she didn't feel so alone anymore.

The End

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