Don't You Remember?

I looked at Jade, then reached out my hand to Jyll. She tilted her head, and clutched Jade. She ushered Jyll forwards, and I took Jyll into my arms. She calmed down a bit, and I sat with her next to Ara and Sealantus. She bubble wrote, "Is Beba OK?" Ara laughed, then gave a sharp intake of breath. I winced.

"Jyll. Look at your hair. See that this part is black." I twizzled a curlof it round my finger. "Jyll. Look at your fingers. See that you have three of fire." I said, taking her little hand. She looked up at me, and gave a little smile. I sat her on my knee, and pointed to Sealantus. "Do you know his name?" I asked. She shook her head. "Do you remeber my name? Or what I can do?" I felt a stone in my throat.

She closered her eyes, and frowned. "Fire...So much fire." she bubble whispered. I made a little teddy from Fire, cooled it, and gave it to her.

 "Don't you remember? When the armless thing took your fingers? Or when you went into that door, and I got you out? The *chuckle* spicey soup you made me when Beba went away? Don't you remember the Shadows? And the good Shadow who saved you? Don't you remember?" I whispered to her. She shook her head, and gave the teddy a hug.

The End

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