No Use

I tried to move with all of my might.  I was really pushing myself, using all of my energy, but from outside, no one could tell.  I was completely still.  Even my eyes were only opened as slits. 

It was no use.  I couldn't move.  I heard many new pople walk through around as I watched the ceiling, beginning to get extreamly bored.

I heard Corby talking to Flamara, and they'd both even sat down next to me.  She seemed sad about something.  Really upset.  I wished I could reach out to her.  I knew I wasn't very (. . . whats that word?)  Out-going, and probably seemed rather frightning, but that didn't mean I didn't feel bad for her.

Someone new entered the house, I could tell before they had, and asked us what was going on.  Something about his voice I couldn't tell, but I didn't quite trust.  But, what could I do about it.  It didn't even matter.

slowly I drifted back to sleep. . . .

The End

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