Poor Corby...

I looked over to see Corby frowning at boy, slightly older than her. Corby looked out the window. I sighed. I left Nathen's side, and went to Corby. I wrapped an arm round her. She looked up, tears in her eyes.

"I might as well leave! No one loves me! You've got Ara, Leigh's got Sealantus, and...I have no one." She sniffed. I rubbed her shoulder, and kissed the top of her head.

"I know not evey thing's going to plan at the minute, but something's going to happen to you soon. I can feel it!" I told her. I hugged her, and we went to Nathen, leaving theis boy looking confused. I gave him a fiery look. He had obv said something to corby to upset her. We sat by Nathen, and I took his hand again.

The End

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