I can't look that evil! Can I?


Corby's head popped up and turned when she saw a boy standing at the door. She stared for a while, then slowly smiled.

"Excuse me?" The boy asked. Corby walked over to him.

"I'd leave them for a while if I were you. My friend's taking care of it," Corby nodded over to Flamara, he turned and looked at her then looked back at Corby. He eyed her up and down suspiciously.

"What makes me think I can trust you?" he asked in wonder, placing his white hand through his glisteningly wet jet black hair, shaking it about. He was like a young male model compared to Corby,a freakish girl who had clothes from a human charity shop. Corby sighed.

"Because..." Corby paused, "Do I look evil?" he chuckled.

"Not particularly. What are you, 11?" he asked. Corby sniggered.

"I've just turned 14. Don't worry, i'm not planning on telling anyone it was my birthday, and I don't look eleven, do I?" she asked. He laughed.

"You are pretty short!" Corby scowled at him as he tried to pull a straight face but a smile played with the side of his lips. 

"How old are you then? 7?" Corby laughed.

The End

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